Renovation Diary

“Windows are the eyes to the house”

One of the things on the to-do list was to replace the windows at the bungalow.  In the classic words of Andy Dwyer from Parks & Rec, “windows are the eyes to the house”, so we knew that paying attention to the windows could improve the overall appearance of the house.

pre-asbestos removal

The windows at the front weren’t too bad, but some at the back weren’t uPVC and were rotten.  The architect also advised that we needed to be careful about what we replaced the windows with, as the Council Planning Department may insist the windows/doors in the future extension match the rest of the house.  So definitely not white uPVC then!

I knew that my first preference, aesthetically at least, was grey aluminium frames.  I know, I know, I’ve been watching too much Grand Designs!  There’s just something so smart about the slim profile and clean lines that really appeals to me- it’s like going from chunky Deidre Barlow glasses to sleek modern frames.

However, they are more expensive than uPVC in terms of upfront cost and I read some reports of them not being suitable in coastal areas that made me a little nervous of corrosion.  Being at top of a big hill in viewing distance of the South Coast of England means that the bungalow is very exposed to the elements, including driving rain.

Last time I looked at uPVC it came in a very limited colour palette- white, fake oak or fake mahogany wood effect, none of which were particularly appealing.  However, it turns out you can now get uPVC windows in a dark grey finish.

I asked the window guy for two prices to replace the windows at the house.  Aluminium came out at £6,995 plus VAT  and uPVC came out at £5,795 plus VAT.  This was quite a big difference for our tight budget, so we went with the uPVC.  As soon as they were installed I had absolutely no regrets on that decision! Here’s a pic the builders took the day they were installed:


I personally think they look great!  I love the way they go with the black brick, and think they look really smart against the white render (which next Spring will get a coat of paint and look a lot smarter).  We’ve also had a lot of complimentary feedback from the neighbours, so it’s safe to say the grey uPVC has been a big hit. What do you think?


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