Bungalow Renovation

What we’d taken on

The house we’d fallen in love with and that had returned to us needed more than a little TLC.  But it had such potential and we couldn’t resist.  So what had we taken on?


The property was essentially a 2 bed bungalow, although it had what the estate agents described as a guest bedroom or dressing room off the second bedroom.  It hadn’t been updated in some time, and belonged to an old chap called Albert who had sadly passed away.

The Original Floor Plan:

127CDN plan

Current State:

Future Potential:

One of the things that really struck us with the house was that it had such potential to extend out the back, to make it into a three bed property.  Not only was the garden big enough to handle losing some space, the internal layout could be tweaked to give a very family-friendly room configuration.  If we ever needed more rooms, we still had the fall-back of going up into the loft by doing a conversion.

We knew the house needed a full rewire and new plumbing/heating, so while we weren’t living in the house we thought we’d take the opportunity to do some structural work that would enable a future single-storey extension (which sadly we couldn’t afford to do all in one go). We came up with a plan that would include structural alterations that would not only improve the house in the short-term but would also enable future plans and avoid rework. For more on our plans, please read my next post!


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