House Hunting

We started our property search in earnest in the summer of 2014, after a week’s holiday with Rob’s brother and his family.  They live in Devon, in a house with a fabulous garden.  Seeing how much the twins enjoyed the freedom to run around outdoors was the trigger we needed to start looking for a new home.

We’d seen a house on Rightmove that we thought had potential so we popped along to the open day.  We were really taken with it, but realised it needed far more work that we’d originally thought and we wouldn’t be able to live there during the work.  We were both surprised that we were willing to consider taking on a project.  After an extremely traumatic experience of doing up a house in Sheffield, we’d both sworn we would never take on something like that again.  But seeing the twins playing in the garden of this house confirmed that it was the right time to move.  It turned out this first house wasn’t the right one, as the old lady took it off the market, but it had started the ball rolling in terms of finding a builder to help with renovation quotes and starting to look at what might be feasible in our budget.

On the August Bank Holiday weekend, we saw “The One”, which had just come onto the market.  It had an amazing garden, sea views from the kitchen, massive potential.  We were so smitten we phoned up that afternoon to put in an offer of the full asking price.  To our huge disappointment, the person who’d viewed it at the same time as us had also put in a full asking price offer, but in cash!

The toddler twin-friendly garden! Such an abundance of space!

The toddler twin-friendly garden! Such an abundance of space!

We really didn’t want to lose it, so we got our builder to give us a quote, did some sums, and put in our best offer on the 5th September.  A few tense days later I got a phone call from the estate agent to say the probate company selling the house had decided to go with a cash buyer as they were looking to exchange very quickly.  We were heartbroken.  We saw a few others that could have worked, but they didn’t really match up to the one we’d fallen for.  We put in a bid on a “rebound” house, but thankfully it was declined.  I’m so relieved about that now!

The view from the kitchen window, which totally sold us on the house!

The sea view from the kitchen window, which totally sold us on the house!

6 weeks later, we had an unexpected phone call.  It was the estate agent, letting us know that the cash buyer had pulled out and the house was going back on the market.  Would we still be interested?  Why yes, of course!  After a quick call to Rob, I phoned them straight back and made an offer, which was accepted!  Our dream house had come back to us!

Although it took us until early February 2015 to get the keys, and another 5 months before we could actually move in, there was such a sense of provision over this whole process it just felt right.  We were coming home.


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